FWD Feature | Rebecca Brian Pan

Rebecca Brian Pan | Covo | CEO

What does diversity, equity, and professional inclusion mean to you?

Diversity, equity, and professional inclusion mean increased productivity, profitability, and idea exchange. Different experiences bring different ideas and perspectives, and diversity guarantees these benefits. It’s also brings a fairer, kinder, and more supportive voice to all versus our pale male counterparts.

How have you experienced and/or dealt with adversity in your professional and personal life?

In meetings, even today as CEO of a globally recognized brand, I watch my words go by unheard and often re-voiced by men in the room, nearly always without attribution or recognition. I watch male CEOs of other companies direct their comments towards my male coworkers, not myself, and follow up with them, not me. Personally, I deal with verbal harassment and objectification on a daily basis walking the streets of San Francisco.

What would be one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Play the game until you have the influence and power to stop playing and start fighting. It won’t be long.

Name three things that you do everyday to help lead you to success.

I use my shower time in the morning to practice gratitude. I think about five things I’m forever grateful for, like my superhero of a husband, the sweetness of my baby boy, the generosity of my parents. Then I think about three new things to be grateful for each morning, like the quality of cocktails at my new bar, the integrity of my new partners, the trust and faith my investors have in me.

Who inspires your professional ambition? Why?

Michelle Obama and Sheryl Sandberg. They both look at the big picture, global impact, and how to use their time, influence, and resources to make a difference.

What is your favorite book? Or the one you’d recommend most?

“The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work” by Shawn Achor. It’s a wonderful book that gives you permission to be happy. Even more than that, teaches how happiness helps you be more productive, successful, and wealthy.

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