I’m not great in social settings, I need some help.

I left a networking event at the Hoxton Hotel, prior to heading there I had no idea about it but since my friend George Okello was attending I thought why not? I met some cool individuals in the media, tv industry but I just realised how much I suck in these settings.

At these events you’re meant to expand your network (obviously) in the hope some opportunity will come from it, but man, If I told you how long it took me to talk to someone, you would laugh. The only thing really stopping you from introducing yourself to someone is that awkwardness which lasts like 5 seconds anyway. But still, the anxiety to make that first move can be paralyzing.

Spending time there made me realise, I have to improve this area, it’s imperative, for the sake of utilising London to the max. I can’t even use my stutter as an excuse for my awkwardness, I’m just not great at this whole socialising thing, I need to be. I want to be so good that whoever I’m talking to, they feel like they are at the center of the universe, something that is said of Bill Clinton. Will Smith, Barack Obama and George Clooney are on my ‘mood board’ of what it is to be charismatic, they are the bar.

At these places, I’m often on my phone just to avoid looking weird but it defeats the point in being there, I have to change this. I think we are all conscious of doing this, we can get lost our phones rather than the environment we are in. This needs to change, I need someone great at this help me, 1 to 1, advice, whatever. I’m desperate to improve.

I’ve begun reading this book to help, called “How To Win Friends & Influence People”

Will teach you how to: 
- make friends quickly and easily
- persuade people to follow your way of thinking
- enable you to win new clients and customers
- become a better speaker 
- boost enthusiasm among your colleagues

we shall see!

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