Lately, things have been making sense.

Things are becoming clear,
I’m remembering everything I used to be told but never listen.

I don’t know why at times words are never enough for us to listen to not to do certain things.

I don’t know why we always want the experience to teach us.
Sometimes advise is enough.

But I have learnt,
I have learnt to sometimes listen to the advice and avoid the experience.

Because with experience you are left with a scar- that takes part of you that you can never undo.

And trust me, there are things in my life I’ve done that I could pay God to let me take back,
To undo certain things,
To unlearn certain things,
But I can never because that’s what I paid for the experience.

Maybe I could have cried a little less,
Maybe I could have embraced myself a little more,
Maybe I could have avoided these scars that stays in my heart,
These invisible mark on my flesh,
Lord forgive me for most times, I don’t know what I’m doing.

Next time, I’m gonna slow a little down,
Next time, I’m not just gonna pretend to listen to warnings but I’m gonna follow the word,
Next time, I will just take a little more time,
Next time, I’m gonna try and move by purpose and thought through decisions — and not just be led by my feelings.

Emotions, I have learnt can make you think its taking you to meadow field but really benefit it…lies roses with thorns.

This is just me,
This is where I am at the moment.

Learning to unlearn.

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