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Music Weekly: #002

curated by Efosa S. Omorogbe

You may as well call this crooners week — or Efosa is feeling some type of way week! Anyways, here are some songs to get you through those lonely days of winter…

1. October London

I’m not trying to use this track to set the overall tone of what’s to come next. I’m not trying to get you to imagine what I think about doing to that special someone either — What I am trying to do is get you to listen to how amazing Snoop Dog’s protege is!

2. Malia Vibes

I’m a sucker for slow music, it perfectly anchors my mood to one of an enjoyable state. I swear, I am most alive when music puts me in that state. Malia does such a great job of doing so with her heartfelt track Grey.

Crooning at it’s finest!

3. Ivy Sole

She has been curated by me twice already—that must be a sign for you to actually listen her—or at least preview the track below. I can easily see her becoming someones favourite new artist this year. Her blend of smooth rap with great vocals should get you through some tough times.

4. Zadia

I wonder what happened to the days where people used to use terms like “if I die in your arms tonight” in everyday conversation. Maybe I’m just one of those millennials that grew up on Disney movies and got lost in the fantasy. I dunno…but I do sometimes have the urge to spit such game in normal everyday conversation!

5. Kemi Sulola

Dear Kemi, you sing like we never left the 90’s era of music. Please don’t ever make us feel like we’ve left. Yours sincerely, Efosa x

6. H.E.R

So you know those days where it’s just pouring mad rain outside, thunderstorms crashing against your window pane and you’re just there staring out into the abyss thinking…yh! This track feels like the perfect background music to get you through it.

7. Janelle Monáe

There is a breif history to how I found this song. I stumbled onto a video on YouTube titled something like “how Bad Boy [or P. Diddy] ends artists careers” like Chelsea FC do prolific footbal players (Fernando Torres anyone?). I tell ya, if it wasn’t for that video I probably wouldn’t have stumbled onto Janelle Monáe and been as such of a fan as I am today (see how I put the correct ‘á’ in the spelling of her name. Details people, it matters!).

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