Marathon 2018? Maybe.

I’ve began to run more seriously, there’s something about running that just feels great. 7 weeks ago, I couldn’t run a mile, yesterday I did 13.

I was never too fond of running, it seemed pretty pointless, aimless and boring, especially when the environment you were running in has uninspiring views. I have run before but nothing more than a few jogs in the summer, get excited and then stop. Now things have changed, I thoroughly enjoy it now. Mainly because, I have begun to measure my runs through the Nike+ app, and now because I measure it, I’m much more competitive, I now want to improve my stats; pace, length, time.

Bevause of this, I went from running 1 mile, 3 miles, 5 miles and then 13. There’s something interesting about measuring your productivity. Without me measuring my runs yesterday’s triumph wouldnt have happened.

13 miles I ran, maintaining a 8’15–8’30 pace (8:15/30 per mile), I usually run at 7:45, but it was suggested to me to run slower to reduce the knee problems I was having due to my increased running.

Yesterday was thrilling! I’m suprised I ran this much, I didn’t think it was possible but I just had the energy to do it. I did this even with having 8 fried chicken wings, 5 slices of pizza and chips the day before, maybe that was a contributing factor? ha! But still, yesterday was the first time I wasn’t limited by lack of stamina, I wasn’t limited by stomach pains or knee issues, I felt limitless.

However, due to not drinking throughout the duration of the run, I had excessive migraines, I couldn’t sleep for hours and a single movement of my head would set off more migraines, they teamed up with a fever but even with that it was still worth it.

Now I’m thinking, could I do the marathon next year, 26 miles? I mean, I’ve only starting running and I can already ran up to 13 miles, I’m confident with a year of training I could. This will be tested when I do a half marathon (13.1 miles), but man if I could run a marathon that would be one of the coolest things ever. The thing with running, at any age you still have the opportunity to be one of the best in the world, or be extremely good at it. Look, I love basketball but there’s no way I could get into the NBA, that time has passed. Same with football, the opportunity to play in the premier league has past long ago. But with running, how many people have completed a marathon, that’s an elusive party to be in and I wouldn’t mind some of it.

It would be great milestone in my life and it’s a pretty dope achievement too. We’ll see.

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