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Letter sent on Apr 4, 2017

Top Stories From March

March was a cool month for us, we launched FWRDStories; where people document their day, continued to grow our Instagram and uploaded a record 28 blogs last month! Enjoy..

“With the weight of expectation resting firmly on his shoulders, I think ‘Grime’s Golden Child’ did more than deliver. He actually exceeded all of my expectations. In fact, I think it will be unfair and lazy to simply label Stormzy a ‘grime artist’ henceforth.” Read more..

“I’m not trying to watch Anime bro” — What is Anime? A brief history

By Judiniho

“I find it quite hilarious, though I’m glad. This journey through Anime I have been privileged to venture into has stemmed from moments of exclusion. Such vibrant ideas were an intrusion on an young susceptible mind. It was a decade ago, aged 13.” Read more..

23 things at 23.

By Samuel Wood 🚀

“I thought it would be fitting to share 23 experiences and observations from 23 years of many small failures and several big wins.

1.) Meditate.
Just do it.
10 minutes a day that positively affect the other 23hrs 50minutes. 
That’s a good return on investment. Do it. Use headspace.com to start. ( No they haven’t commissioned me to say that, swear.)

2.) Talk to people about your visions and ideas. 
I know it’s scary, but what’s the point in knowing what you know if no one knows you know what you know? Start sharing with people and you’ll be surprised by the willingness of others to help.” Read more..

Decolonizing Beauty

By najma

“Recently, I’ve began to notice how Somali parents, specifically our mothers, approach discussing appearance with their daughters. Looking at my very own mother and talking to first-generation Somali girls, I started to notice a trend.” Read more..

Online Travel platforms need to offer us a better customer experience

By King Jojo

With consumer attitudes changing and technology enhancing our daily experiences and fostering convenience, there needs to be a continuous conversation in the ways other industries improve our day to day experience.” Read more..

Logan — Marvel’s solemn

By Judiniho

“Logan gifts the audience one of Marvel’s most humane pictures yet. Though a feeling steadily crept, the 4th Wall installed something greater to expect. I was left saddened, disappointed by a sense of wanting, yet I was surely moved by this movie. I cannot complain but I witness Logan as the result of the Film industry’s demands and endeavour away from pacifying avid comic readers — who are understandably hard to appease.” Read more..

What it’s like to be stuck in Grandma’s Loft

By Aiden Harmitt-Williams

“Are we certain that the mornings aren’t evenings shrouded in light — If they were, would we be certain of that? I was once certain that the summer was poised to be hot for the three months that it existed, and I was certain that the winter time was preceded by the fall, where the trees shed their outer beauty. Yet the winter isn’t winter for all, and evergreens defy the notion of autumn.” Read more..

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