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It’s my birthday!!!! and I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since we started FWRD on Medium. Even though it’s still early, we have shared so many stories, ideas and perspectives; exactly what we set out to do and this is only the beginning.

FWRD isn’t defined by a genre, but our tone of voice; authentic, honest and open. That’s how we want to do things. As I said in November, FWRD is a place where driven people can talk about new ideas, their struggles and triumphs, perspectives on different subjects, which we have seen from my friend E talking about the loss of her sibling; Malakaï Sargeant expressing his thought on Hyper-masculinity; from Nafisa Akabor all the way in the tech world asking people to stop asking what it’s like to be a woman in tech!

We’ve had a phenomenal 100 days. Over 63,000 words uploaded, over 100 blogs posted, and people have spent over 40,000 minutes (600 hours) on our website, allowing us to achieve over 30K views!

So, we come to Instagram to continue our theme of storytelling, new ideas and perspectives, giving people the opportunity to express themselves. Maintaining the same philosophy, we will story-tell through not only our words, but live streaming, video, photography, all expanding our creative inventory. Some stories are told better through video, some ideas are told better through animation.

Our Instagram is going to be awesome. It’ll take a minute to get to where we want it but as you know it’s the journey that counts. Instagram will be an extension of what you have already seen on Medium; stories, radical ideas, and fascinating perspectives.

It’s going to take us a while to get to where we want, so don’t expect Disney animated marvels on our Instagram just yet! Like most things, it’s a journey!

Follow us here, Instagram: FWRD

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