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What gets your message in front of your audience? Frequently, it comes down to two main factors: ranking among top search results and placing paid media. The team at FXN Studio understands the complexities of both practices.

With experience ranging from spearheading a digital-driven campaign for a major blockbuster film release to driving high search rankings for a client leading in the health and well-being industry, our team is here to help you get your message to the audiences that need them most.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team works with you to develop SEO strategies tailored to your business, your goals, and your audiences.

We have an intensive, practical understanding of SEO that equips us to help with anything from website evaluation and analysis to establishing a long-term partnership with ongoing reporting and refinement for top search engine ranking.

Let our SEO experts help with:

  • Website evaluation and Google Analytic services
  • Curated lists for search-relevant terms
  • Strategy development, presentation, and execution
  • Write and edit search engine-optimized copy
  • Leverage popular search engine behaviors to help get your content seen and engaged with

Paid Media and Advertisement

Paid media can deliver your message to relevant audiences anywhere in the world. By working with the outlets and channels where your audiences live, we’ll help you present your organization’s message, your way.

Think of our team as a reliable, specialized arm of your own: securing opportunities, managing relationships, and creating content to drive brand engagement.

We can help with:

  • Creating and placing search and social media advertisements
  • Managing and developing content for traditional media and broadcast placements, including TV, streaming video, and audio
  • Writing and placing advertorials
  • Tailoring campaigns across various channels for best-in-class targeting and engagement
  • Proactive reporting and refinement for continuous improvement


Blogs, articles, and general editorial work — all written with SEO in mind — are in our wheelhouse, too. We even leverage our expertise in email marketing, social media strategy, and additional content distribution channels to generate traction and consumption of the content we develop.

  • Platform-Specific Stories: While a brand’s tone of voice should remain consistent across channels, how the audience consumes its stories changes by platform. The FXN product-first mentality comes in handy as we write content based on use case and user journey.
  • Scalable Content: The versatility of well-written content can’t be underestimated. With FXN as your content marketing agency, we’ll help you create content that can be used in multiple formats and on various channels.
  • Data & Analytics: A “gut feeling” about whether or not your content is working isn’t helpful to anyone. That’s why we incorporate regular reports and updates into our content marketing services. Pageviews, time on-site, bounce rate, and SERP performance are all critical for the continued success of any type of content marketing.

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