Client | IWBI, a 7-year Dynamic Marketing, Martech, and Technology Partnership

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The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is the world’s leading healthy building certification organization, delivering their globally recognized program WELL.

IWBI is a non-technical B2B company that offers its customers digital products, processes, and services to facilitate healthy building certification. They’ve partnered with FXN since 2015 to collaborate with our technology and marketing teams to go further, faster.

Over the years, IWBI has grown from a novel idea to an impact powerhouse, adding billions of square feet to their program and positively impacting millions of lives with their solutions.

Early on, the FXN team has worked hand-in-hand with many of their internal departments to facilitate growth every step of the way. At each stage, our teams at FXN have helped them by introducing new technology solutions and marketing strategies to create efficiencies, digitize processes, and accelerate sales.

In our 7-year partnership, we’ve collaborated on:

  • a SaaS technology that is now used by more than 20% of Fortune 500 companies to manage their healthy building portfolios
  • Consulted and added increasingly sophisticated new marketing technologies including a headless CMS, workflow automation and email marketing software,
  • Authored a custom middlewear to connect a proprietary software system with HubSpot
  • Built a custom knowledgebase to organize technical content
  • Looking ahead, we’re excited to partner on new media campaigns, supporting a summit launch, redesign their marketing website, and release a new, fully-integrated community-building software.

By the numbers

IWBI, with FXN as a technology partner, have impacted people and projects across the world. As of 2/2023 the WELL program has:

  • 22,000,000 people impacted
  • enrolled 23,000+ professionals in their B2C accreditation program
  • enrolled 40,000+ projects, totaling over 4,570,000,000 square feet
  • has projects in 124+ communities
  • 26% of Fortune500 companies use the program, including Uber, Citi, Planet Fitness.

Highlighted projects:



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