Outsourcing Web/Software Development To Freelancers — How to improve success rate

Hiring a freelancer for your web/mobile app development sounds easy at first sight, But it can become worst nightmare of you if you are doing it wrong. Software development is a cumbersome process, It requires to follow standard coding practice to ensure a bug-free application. Not only standard coding but also an understanding of the project, Sometimes freelancers are not aware of full-scope of the project, they do underestimate it and then fails to deliver it on time or sometimes not able to deliver at all. Freelance developers are often overloaded with work, they have to meet multiple deadlines So, they can not devote quality time to your project. I have been a freelancer since last 7 years and I have seen both, successful stories & failed one as well. I would be sharing some tips with you so that you can minimize the risk and maximize the quality.

Hire the appropriate: Web/Mobile apps are made of various parts like graphics design, HTML/CSS design, APIs, CMS, Frontend etc. Most of the freelance developers have full-stack skills but still if you want a quality product then you should hire different freelancers for different task, take me for an example whenever i gets any web app development project, i ask them to hire a designer separately for logo & web-page design cause I am not good in that, likewise some developers are good in frontend development (Javascript/AngularJS/ Mobile App) and some are good in backend (APIs & servers), So try to hire appropriate freelancer based on your requirement.

Ask for milestone delivery: Break down your project into small milestones, and ask your freelancer to plan development & pricing according to these milestones. You can break it down as per functionality so your milestone will look like — deliver user registration & login functionality , Deliver lesson creation & list functionality etc. and you can keep timeframe based on the complexity of functions & urgency. This way you can keep better track of project progress.

Research about technology stacks: Many times freelancers impose technical stack which they are good in , they don’t care whether it is suitable for your project or not , I have seen freelancers doing this in many projects. So do research about the technical stack which freelancers suggest you. You need to research about things like frontend technology, backend (API) technology, database, servers, frameworks and other stuff.

Have regular communication: Never let communication gap happen. Do talk to your freelancer regularly and ask him for updates. You can do it via skype/hangout or phone call in intervals like 1 day or 1 week (depends on your project). This way you will be updated with the progress, and if it is going slow you can discuss the problem and way to solve it out. Many of the projects fail due to the communication gap, so avoid it at any cost.

Give reasonable time & money: “Great Things take time and effort” Keep this in mind, always give reasonable time to freelancer to complete the project, same with money. If you give them less time & money they will put less effort and result will be a poorly developed application, on which you have to waste money later.

Hire Verified & trusted freelancers: Hiring a freelancer first time is a tough job, In interview you may find them skilled & enthusiastic, But on work space there are chances they may not perform well, that`s why hiring from a trusted resource is required.

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