Fysical adds AMO as Data Supplier

The team at Fysical is excited to announce our new data monetization partnership with AMO, a decentralized car data marketplace. Because AMO collects a unique in-car consumer dataset, including location data from car travels, they are a great new data supplier addition for Fysical.

Data Monetization Partner

Fysical, with a focus on real-world location and human movement data, will be AMO’s data monetization partner for this type of data. Consumers that integrate download AMOs car data and mobile wallet application will now be able to opt-in to sharing their car location and movement data, which can be monetized through Fysical’s location data marketplace. This unique dataset is a strong addition to Fysical and will open up new opportunities and use cases for data buyers.

For example, car location and movement data, combined with traditional mobile phone collection data, can help cities and urban planners better understand the commute routes and commute times by car owners, allowing them to minimize traffic conditions.

Another example of the benefits of car location and movement data are for financial services companies. Car consumer location data can help to confirm the accuracy of foot traffic counts in stores. If one mobile application on a consumers phone suggest a consumer has visited a Walmart, car data can help to confirm this is accurate when the car is parked in the Walmart parking lot. This additional datapoint increases the confidence in the analysis, making it more valuable to data buyers.

Partnership signing with Ben Smith of Fysical and SangGyoo Sim of AMO

Next Steps

Fysical has already established the groundwork and has rapidly scaled a decentralized location data marketplace which allows AMO’s data contributors to begin monetizing car location and movement data immediately after AMO’s launch.

Fysical currently has 10 million data suppliers who contribute more than 15 billion data points from over 50 countries every month. Our collaboration with AMO in a shared industry creates a win-win situation.

Together, Fysical and AMO look forward to leading the decentralized future of consumer data protection and monetization.

About AMO

AMO is a blockchain for the efficient exchange and secure sharing of all data communicated by, with and within automobiles. By participating in the creation and sharing of data, car users, automobile manufacturers and service providers alike are rewarded with AMO Coin, according to the data’s market value, and contribute to the development of better automobile services. AMO was created out of Penta Security, the leading IoT device security company in Korea, and is backed by notable funds including Coefficient Ventures.

Website: https://www.amo.foundation/
Telegram: https://t.me/amo_official

About Fysical

Fysical is a protocol for the next data frontier, the physical world. With an initial focus on human location data, it provides the decentralized infrastructure for the next generation of big data: what stores you visit, where you travel, and how you move through the physical world. Fysical is the infrastructure for the transparent and compliant trade of location data on the blockchain. It is based in Singapore and is backed by Signum Capital.

Website: https://fysical.org/
Telegram: https://t.me/Fysical