Malaysian Election Day saw a 23% increase in traffic from Singapore to Malaysia

On May 9th 2018, the 14th Malaysian General Election was held. This hotly contested election with 15 million registered voters determined whether the Barisan Nasional coalition (incumbent since 1957), or the Pakatan Harapan opposition coalition would be voted into Parliament.

This election was significant not only in Malaysia, but also in neighboring countries such as Singapore where many Malaysians lived and worked that were eligible to vote in the election. In fact, there are approximately 400,000 Malaysians working in Singapore today.

With all these Malaysians working in Singapore that wanted to vote, there was a tremendous increase in traffic on voting day from Malaysians traveling back from Singapore to Malaysia to cast their ballot.

Fysical used location data from its suppliers to study the traffic flows that day.

Fysical analyzed the increase in traffic of people traveling from Singapore to Malaysia by car on a normal weekday, and compared it to the traffic on election day. It found that there was a 23% increase in traffic on election day compared to a normal weekday.

This sudden increase in traffic demonstrates the gravity this election had on Malaysians not only living in Malaysia, but even those in neighboring countries that were compelled to cross international borders to cast their vote.

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