Trump had 22% more onlookers than Kim during Singapore meeting

On June 12, 2018 President Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea met in Singapore to discuss denuclearization among other key military and diplomatic issues. This was the first time these two world leaders ever met in the history of their respective countries, and it marked a momentous step in an effort to ease tensions and solve pressing issues.

The hotels where President Trump and Mr.Kim were staying became widely publicized days before the event, which gave the press and other onlookers plenty of time to assemble and set up camp prior to their arrival. People were seen sleeping outside of the hotels, hoping to get a glimpse of the motorcades as they came in.

Fysical used location data from its suppliers to study which hotel had more onlookers and greater interest from the public. President Trump was staying in the Shangri-La, and Mr.Kim was staying in the St.Regis.

Fysical’s analysis proved that President Trump’s hotel had 22% more onlookers than Mr.Kim’s hotel.

We found this statistic to be particularly relevant given the recent international drama and shows of strength in the media between the two parties leading up to this Singapore meeting.

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