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You Can’t Sleep? Maybe Blue Light is to Blame

The truth is that most people aren’t sleeping well, at all. Sadly. But this is a good option to help!

Reasons being different for different people, some of the probable cause for hindering our sleep can come from 1) too much caffeine late in the day, 2) lack of morning sunshine 3) too much bright white and blue light late at night, 4) eating too much too late, and 5) poor mouth breathing habits.




Whether you’re just starting your wellness journey or are an avid gym-goer, FYTWORX is a great resource made up of incredilbe writers to help achieve your goals.

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Jonathan Isbill MS, RD, LD

Jonathan Isbill MS, RD, LD

Health & Nutrition Advocate, Educator, Writer | MS RD LD 👨‍🍳🌱 | ZigZagNutrition | Sign Up for My Weekly Newsletter📝https://jonathanisbillrd.substack.com

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