Fayetteville Fleet in Top 100… Again.

These are the people you want on your fleet team. From left, Jesse Beeks, City of Fayetteville Fleet Operations Superintendent; Winston McGowan, Operations Supervisor; and Sara Glen, Fleet Operation Services Support Manager.

Fayetteville employs a fleet of some 674 vehicles, including a wide variety of vehicles ranging from the pickup trucks used by Parks and Recreation to police cruisers to fire trucks to mowers, backhoes, dump trucks, and trash compactors. It’s fair to say that the smooth functioning of the City depends on these machines being fully operational and, when they break down, on their being expertly repaired.

On Fayetteville’s south side, in a cavernous garage featuring lifts large enough to hoist a fire truck, a group of professionals labor tirelessly to keep the City’s fleet running smoothly.

It takes a specific set of knowledge and training to tune and maintain the specialized vehicles used by the City, and Fayetteville’s fleet team excels. So much so that the Fayetteville Fleet was rated #19 of the 2018 100 Best Fleets in the Americas. The City’s fleet has been numbered among the top 100 for the past three years.

This level of excellence is due to the remarkable amount of expertise among the Fleet’s team members. Fleet Operations Superintendent Jesse Beeks and Sara Glenn, Fleet Operation Services Support Manager, are two of only three Certified Automotive Fleet Managers (CAFM®) in the entire state of Arkansas!

The CAFM® certification program offers the most up-to-date fleet management education available. Successful completion of the CAFM® program requires passing eight exams, including:

1. Asset Management
2. Business Management
3. Financial Management
4. Information Management
5. Maintenance Management
6. Professional Development
7. Risk Management
8. Vehicle Fuel Management

Candidates are given three years to pass all eight exams. Sara Glenn, who received her certification this past spring, completed hers in just four months, and seven of the eight exams in one week. Both Sara and Jesse must also participate in regular continuing education in order to maintain their certification.

Another star on the Fayetteville team is Operations Supervisor Winston McGowan, who is the only person in the state to be certified at the Master level in both EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) and ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The tests for these certifications are intense — only two out of every three candidates pass on their first try. To remain ASE certified, professionals must keep up with the advances in automotive technology and retest every five years.

The City of Fayetteville is proud of our exemplary Fleet. Congratulations to these and all the other City fleet team members who keep our City up and running!


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The official blog for the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas

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