What’s Does Leaving the EU Mean for G-Cloud?

Director Digital Marketplace

The job description for the new Director for the Digital Marketplace needs to be updated with targets and actions related to leaving the EU.

G-Cloud Framework

With Obama threatening to put us at the back of the queue for trade negotiations, we’d have to consider AWS, Microsoft and Google’s future.

We can decide if we are willing to purchase cloud services from outside the UK.


Suppliers on the G-Cloud framework can be restricted to the UK only.

OJEU Tenders Are Dead

There would no longer need to tender via the expensive and cumbersome OJEU process.

Data Protection

We’d have to consider our position on the new EU data protection regulations. Would data be able to flow in/out of the UK?


We can iterate the framework as often as necessary and at the timescales we define. We could allow suppliers to join and leave as required without a large and expensive OJEU tender.


Any Government department consuming cloud services from outside the UK will need to consider the impact of leaving the EU;

  • Will we still be able to purchase these services?
  • What does it mean to data protection and hosting of personal data
  • What does this mean from a tax perspective
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