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Treasure Hunter | October 2020

Every month I share what I find beautiful with my friends. People, Literature, Movies, Theatre are my source of air. This world and the stories it holds is My Bible, My Quran. Here are some treasures that I’ve come across. Bon Voyage :)

G. Recommendations | October 2020

1. Sustainability: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

2. Sustainability: My Octopus Teacher

3. Book: The Midnight Library here @Oct 12, 2020

4. Music: K Pop Group Black Pink

5. Interior Design: Aaron Paul HOME in Idaho

6. Movies: Matrix (1999)

7. Book: You Learn by Living (Roosevelt)

8. Music: Bridge over trouble water

9. Series: Emily in Paris

10. In Lisbon

  • Grand Prix in Portugal
  • Fever Candel Light Piano Concerts
  • Restaurant: Bistro Elderweiss, Moiho Quixote
  • Chiado Hair Studio
  • Travel to Porto: Jardim, Church Bar, Early Bird Cafe

Other Treasures from October

  • Film: Ava (2020)
  • Film: Tall Girl (2019)
  • Film: Lady Bird (2017)



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