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Introducing G-Trade — New Money. New Oportunities | G-Trade News

Creating a company is not an easy task. Any entrepreneur can tell you that.
If you look at the stats, more and more people than ever before have
propelled themselves into the entrepreneurial space. Now with FinTech
being made possible by bitcoin and its blockchain technology, even the
money system is being taken over and turned on its head.

For those who may not know, “FinTech” stands for Financial Technology,
of which the most notable use case comes in the form of bitcoin-based
solutions as well as its blockchain-created counterparts.

FinTech is defined as “computer programs and other technology used to
support or enable banking and financial services.” (Google)

“The best things in life are free… But you can give them to the
birds and bees. I need money”

With the explosion of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I took it
upon myself to take a foray into the rapidly growing space, and start
a small company named G-Trade Financial.

Now this company is not big by any means. It’s being started with
scrap funds that I’ve managed to maintain, but despite this, I’ve,
through entrepreneurial finagling, G-Trade’s available cash after Q1
has increased at least 100X.

G-Trade operates largely on investments/trades in bitcoin as well as
second party bitcoin mining, with plans to establish in-house bitcoin
mining in the near future. Currently our business model is set up as a
profit sharing entity, where clients receive up to 10% of profits from
G-Trade activities after each quarter.

G-Trade is a story of the new generation of ingenuity, where
technology affords ordinary people the ability to become their own
players in the financial game. Decentralized finance is freedom, and
needs to be made accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why
G-Trade has low rates for people with limited budgets to get their
foot in the money revolution space.

Join G-Trade’s channel on Telegram for bitcoin and crypto news bites
to stay current in the ever changing crypto market, as well as learn
how to invest in G-Trade to start earning passive income today.




With Covid-19 forcing the world into lock down, the economy is the hardest hit while its lifeblood (the people) stay in doors. Fiat money is being threatened, while cryptos are taking the stage.

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