6.30.17 // mother tongue

she pulls her voice from the earth

through her feet

up her body

and out of her mouth

singing holy sadness

into air that stands still

when a furled brow

meets a splintered heart

and strings plucking

mighty symphonic chords

raging cosmic body universe

expands before your eyes

with a vessel fleshed out

raw and deeply rooted

in a culture you don’t know

but you hear

but you sense

but you experience

tightly woven emotions

suddenly want to flourish

like the quick feet

and expressive hands

of the flamenco

take in the nourished soil

that feeds her voice

and listen to the sounds

but what is more

listen to the ideas

charged hearts change minds

like that inspired earth

encapsulating her soul

will this into the world with her

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

photograph by Elise Marshall

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