An ode to sexy nerds

It’s impossible not to love a sexy nerd— that elusive combination of intellect, intelligence, and geeky hotness.

I find guys who wear glasses attractive.

Bookish guys who aren’t over-confident. Techy guys who know how to code and build apps just for fun.

Boys who can look good wearing a cardigan and glasses, and impress you with obscure facts about Star Trek and Doctor Who.

…and Joseph Gordon Levitt, obvs.

The appeal of the sexy geek is hard to define — whether it’s the sense that they’re more intelligent than you, or likely to earn more money, or perhaps it goes back to the maths teacher from high school that was a total dork but somehow sort of cute if you looked at him with one eye closed…

Why fight it? At the very least a sexy nerd might be able to help you sort out your wi-fi and show you how to clean the viruses off your Mac.

If you want to read some erotic gay fiction about sexy nerds and their guy-on-guy encounters, then try The Office Boy.

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