Could this be the most cutest boy in the world?… with Matheus G.

I’ll admit to having a bit of a wobbly when I met Matheus G. He was one of the Lisbon boys that Andriy, my assistant for the project, found. I’d had a brief chat with him online and had seen a few photos, but as usual people don’t often look like their profile pics.

Now I know that I like to say, somewhat sanctimoniously, that I don’t have a type. While I may not always have an instant attraction, sometimes it can build once I get to know someone… so I don’t like to limit myself with specific criteria. But with Matheus there was that instant attraction because he ticks a lot of the boxes that are on the list for my type… if I had a type of course, which I’m not saying I do.

First of all, he’s cute. Tick! Secondly, he’s dark-haired. Tick! Thirdly, he’s got some sweet style. Fourth, he’s small. Super-big tick!

So there I am, sat in the guy’s bedroom trying to instruct him on where to go, what to do, what to wear… and I’m stumbling over my words. Often you need to physically move a model to get the angle right, but I was nervous just to touch him, worried he might flinch or something. And then when he would go into the corner to change his clothes, I couldn’t help but peek. How unprofessional of me!

You may think that with a job like I have, there would be a lot of these situations, but honestly it’s very rare. In four issues of Elska, this was the first time I’d gone so schoolgirl-smitten. The last time I chatted with Matheus, he was getting ready to move to Brazil, to Florianopolis to be specific. It’d be so great to shoot him again one day, though I’ll have to work on my awkwardness. Elska Florianopolis issue perhaps?

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