Erotic Gay Fiction: Jonathan Gets To Work

If you’re looking for some erotic gay fiction, then check out my collection of stories in Jonathan Gets To Work.

This is a series of encounters documenting the adventures of a young guy called Jonathan who tries out a number of different jobs. Eventually he ends up working in a medical centre where his bed-side manner proves particularly popular.

Episode 1

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and Jonathan decided to go for a run in the park. He pulled on a pair of shorts, a tank-top and his running shoes and got moving. It was a couple of blocks of jogging along the pavement until he was into the park and running along the paths through the trees. Hyde Park is one of those parts of London that really comes alive on a sunny weekend. There were people everywhere — groups of friends having picnics, families out for the day with their kids, couples being romantic and making out as they lay in the grass. Jonathan took a break and sat down under a tree to soak up the atmosphere of the day. There was a group of young guys playing football just in front of him — five-on-five, shirts versus skins. Jonathan could see the sweat glistening on the skin of the players, their bodies twisting and turning as they chased and fought for the ball, cheering and shouting as shots were made and goals scored. A wayward ball rolled towards Jonathan — he scrambled to his feet and dispatched the ball back into play with a gentle pass.

Episode 2

“I was hoping that I’d run into you…” said a voice behind him. Jonathan turned to see who was talking to him — it was Cristiano, the guy that he’d played football with the weekend before.
“Hey there!” smiled Jonathan, “Playing football again?”
“Not today…” grinned Cristiano, “…just out working on my tan, hoping to run into cute white boys in slutty jogging shorts.”
“I didn’t think they were that slutty!” protested Jonathan, “They just kind of lift and separate everything…”
“Exactly…” winked Cristiano, “…they are definitely displaying your assets perfectly…”

Episode 3

There was a sauna in the changing room and Jonathan liked to end each workout with a session in the dry heat of the sauna. He wrapped a towel around himself and walked into the small dark room. There was no one else in there — he splashed some water on to the rocks to increase the heat, put his towel down to cover the wooden seat and sat down. After a few minutes, another guy came into the sauna. He looked to be in his late 20s, in good shape. He nodded at Jonathan, Jonathan nodded back. Jonathan had noticed him out in the weight room — on the bench press, he was a good looking guy. Bench Press Guy put his towel down and sat a bit further along the bench from Jonathan.

Episode 4

The boys grabbed a sandwich at a cafe nearby. It turned out that they had a surprising amount in common — both were nearly nineteen years old, both grew up in small towns, both dreamed of being accepted into RADA so that they could build their careers as actors. Jonathan was easy company, he made Stewart feel relaxed and comfortable. Stewart realised that he had a bit of a crush on Jonathan.
“Do you have a girlfriend?” asked Jonathan.
“No…” said Stewart, trying not to blush. “Do you?”
“No. I’ve only recently moved here from Australia — I was seeing this guy during high school, but then when I said that I was thinking of coming to London we pretty much agreed to just do our own thing.”
“And you’re okay with that?” asked Stewart.
“Yeah — I guess so…” shrugged Jonathan. “London is a pretty exciting place to be, so I’m ready for new adventures.”

Episode 5

Behind the door on the other side of the office was a surprisingly large warehouse space.
“This is it!” beamed Jackson expansively. “This is where the magic happens! All of our online orders are processed here, we pack them up and send them off to our happy customers.”
“Um… what exactly do you sell?” asked Jonathan, curious as to what he would be packaging.
“Sex toys!” said Jackson proudly. “Didn’t we cover that in the interview?”
“Um… no — we didn’t really talk about it. Sex toys?” said Jonathan, trying not to giggle.
“Yup — sex toys. All sorts of stuff — nipple clamps, butt plugs, restraints, paddles — but of course the biggest demand is for dildos…” explained Jackson.
“Dildos?” said Jonathan.
“Yes — dildos…” repeated Jackson. “You’re not squeamish about sex toys are you?”
“No — not all…” said Jonathan quickly, “I was just curious I guess.”

Episode 6

“So…” began Parker, “What do you know about Smithson Exports?”
“Well… if I’m honest, not a lot really…” replied Jonathan, feeling himself blushing. Parker smiled.
“That’s quite okay…” he said warmly, “…we deliberately keep a low profile. What was it that made you decide to apply for a role with our firm?”
“It actually wasn’t too scientific…” admitted Jonathan, “I really need a job and an Executive Assistant is something that I think I could do.”
“I see…” smiled Parker. “Let me lay it on the line for you. Smithson Exports is an incredibly successful company, and we are successful because we only recruit the best people. Whatever the role is within the firm, we apply the same rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we are only hiring people that understand us and who fit the culture of our company. The role of Executive Assistant is one of the most rewarding because you are working with a number of our senior directors, deeply connected with some of our most interesting projects, and a key team player in ensuring that we are always delivering the highest quality product to our customers.”
“Right…” nodded Jonathan, still no clearer as to what the job actually entailed.

Episode 7

It wasn’t long until a patient entered the medical centre.
“Welcome to Mayfair Medical Centre!” said Jonathan brightly.
“I have a nine thirty appointment with Dr Sharma…” said the man.
“Sure, no problem…” said Jonathan efficiently, “Take a seat and I’ll let Dr Sharma know that you’re here. You’re a little early but I’m sure he won’t keep you waiting too long.” Jonathan ticked the patient off on the booking system and sent Dr Sharma an email alert.
“I’m sorry, have we met before?” asked the man.
“Um… I don’t think so…” replied Jonathan, “I’ve just started — it’s my first day here.”
“It’s just that you look really familiar…” continued the man. “This will sound weird, but are you… an actor at all?”
“I’m an aspiring actor!” laughed Jonathan, “…but I doubt that you’ll have seen anything that I’ve been in.”
“I think I might have…” said the man, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you been in any porn movies?”

Episode 8

“Morning Dr Sharma!” smiled Jonathan brightly as another of the doctors arrived at the clinic for work.
“Morning Jonathan…” winked Dr Sharma, “How are your breathing exercises going?”
“I may need a bit of a refresher course…” suggested Jonathan.
“I’m sure that can be arranged…” nodded the doctor, “The schedule looks a bit busy today but tomorrow looks to have a few gaps so let’s make that happen…” The doctor ran the palm of his hand gently across Jonathan’s cheek and down his chin, his thumb resting on Jonathan’s lips. Jonathan dutifully opened his mouth and wrapped his tongue around the doctor’s thumb, sucking it, nursing on it. “You are definitely the best receptionist we’ve had so far…” smiled the doctor appreciatively, running his fingers through Jonathan’s blond hair before collecting his mail and heading into his office.

Episode 9

“Welcome to the Mayfair Medical Centre — how can I help you today?” said Jonathan warmly, greeting the man that had walked into the clinic where Jonathan was the medical receptionist. Jonathan was in a good mood, the sun was shining, he had a date lined up for that night, and his temp contract at the medical centre had just been extended. Things were looking up.
“Um… I think I’ve hurt my back…” said the man in front of him, wincing in pain as he shuffled up to Jonathan’s reception desk. The guy looked to be in his mid-30s, he was wearing overalls and his hands were covered in grease and grime.

Episode 10

Eddie had played football throughout school — it was a sport he had loved and it was one of the main reasons that he was wanting to specialise as a chiropractor in sports therapy. It was his college football coach that had first shown him the power of manipulating the body to prevent or treat injuries. His coach may not have had any formal training, but any time that Eddie had a strained muscle or some tension in his body, his coach would be able to work his body over to make him feel better. It had taken Eddie a while to realise that there was a sexual edge to the treatments that his football coach administered. Whenever Eddie asked the coach to help him with a sore muscle, the coach would get him to strip down to his jock strap. This was totally natural for Eddie, playing team sports you seemed to spend most of your life just wearing a jockstrap. But after the first few sessions, the coach also started to strip down. He explained that it gave him more freedom of movement when he was working on Eddie’s injuries, but Eddie could sense that the tone of their sessions had changed, the coach’s hands became more sensual, his touches more intimate.

Episode 11

On his lunch break Jonathan met up with his housemate Freddie for a quick session at the gym.
“How long have we got?” asked Freddie, as they met in the changing rooms of the gym.
“Thirty minutes max…” replied Jonathan, quickly stripping his work clothes off and fishing in his bag for his gym kit, “It’s crazy busy at the clinic today — there’s a new doctor starting.”
“A new doctor?” grinned Freddie, “I love doctors… Is he hot?”
“Well… yes actually…” replied Jonathan, after a moment’s thought. “He’s a herbalist — so he’s got an Asian vibe going on, but he’s totally Hot Asian.”
“Oooh… I love Hot Asian!” nodded Freddie, “A Hot Asian doctor — I think he could be my future husband! Maybe you should introduce me?”
“I don’t think I should introduce you…” decided Jonathan, “I’m already having to fight off Bobby who is totally throwing himself at him, I don’t want to have to compete with you as well!”
“So you do fancy him!” winked Freddie, “I knew it! What are you going to do about it?”
“Hmmm… good question…” mused Jonathan, “Let’s workshop it while we work out.”

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