The Boyfriending

The Boyfriending.

Future Boyfriend returns today and I am so very excited to see him! It has only been a week which is only 7 days, which is only 168 hours or 10,080 minutes. Some may say I sound really needy, but it’s just because I haven’t been blown for several days and I am on edge! My libido is strong and kicking at the moment which is probably due to the beautiful weather we have been having. Girls should be bloody glad I am not interested in them because bitches would be getting pregnant left, right and centre. Not that you can get pregnant from swallowing, but if I was to ever entertain the idea of giving women the pleasure of meeting my appendage I’d have to skip right to the nitty gritty. I don’t even think my cock could handle it. It would definitely invert just at the sight of it.

All jokes aside I have missed my man-boy and am just looking forward to spending some quality cuddle time with him. All while I hear about his trip before he obliterates my undercarriage. Moving forward from last weeks thoughts towards relationship limbo, I have in deep contemplation. I have been thinking about dropping the “future” from the start of boyfriend. Once he gets upgraded to boyfriend, there is no turning back. I will have to start calling him my man-boy full time and that is a big commitment. Future boyfriend just has such a great ring to it. So when am I taking the leap into Boyfriending him?

It sounds like I have a fear of commitment, but I don’t. I am just enjoying the ride before the sex ends, the coffee with breakfast in bed concludes and the ironing of my shirts diminish. Who would want to give that up! He is such a gentleman that I think things will only be getting better. I mean the last time he ironed me a shirt he was completely naked. He didn’t even really need to use and iron, he could have just used his huge rolling pin hanging between his legs to roll out the kinks in my shirt. God knows it gets the kinks out of my throat and neck. I just have sex on the brain, see he needs to come back so that my blogging doesn’t become the gay version of Mills&Boon.

I have never really enjoyed labels of any kind and jumping straight into calling him boyfriend takes the fun out of everything. It should come from a spontaneous moment of feeling completely comfortable to let go. However letting go doesn’t mean I get to take a leak on him in the shower. He has made it abundantly clear that’s not to happen. I’m not into watersports, but I just think drizzling in the shower happen’s sometimes. I definitely don’t want to piss on his beautiful face! Just his feet, accidentally on purpose. I just don’t think it’s anymore gross that licking his teeth or kissing him in the morning before the brushing of tooths. See I am comfortable, but I just know there will be some gay as fuck moment where I just turn to him and call him my boyfriend. I’m not trying to be romantic, I am just waiting for a moment. The boyfriending could happen today, this week or even this month. It’s the same as when you know that you are allowed to leave your toothbrush at his house. It just happens. Ooh when do I get to do that?

The more I talk about this relationship the more I see why girls and boys over think everything when dating. At each an every step you take, you try to get a glimpse ahead at was is coming and forget about enjoying the moment you are in. Just relax. Take a dick up your anus and go wild. Have fun with it! Just be sure not to get cum in your eye or in your nostril hair. Speaking of..

I have developed a seriously bad habit! Aside from my ever growing carrot cake addiction. It’s nothing that is life threatening, but as a human I am slightly disgusted in myself. Before taking out my nose ring and transform myself into a gentleman, I spent my time twisting the foreign ring in my nose to keep me pre-occupied. These days it has taken a turn for the worse. Not as server as chronic masterbation or sex addiction, but simply the plucking of my Pippi Long-Stocking nostril hairs. They are long and savage little bastards. I don’t go digging for them, I just attack the ones that are simply trying to say hello to my Moustache. I think I am going to have to wax the little fuckers so I don’t continue this foul habit.

Till next time.



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