I Found them! 10 Gay Music Videos to Make Your Body Vibrate.

Sometimes I’m so desperate for good LGBTQ content that I take it upon myself to write indulgent fan fiction between the models on two adjacent product cards in the men’s tanks section of the Lululemon website. Thankfully, today is not one of those days because I’ve discovered some old and some new amazingly gay music videos. BONUS: No one is tragically murdered in any of them, unless you count these songs basically KILLING IT.

1. This is what should have gone down between James Bond and Goldfinger. That tension was so thick.

2. John Hughes needs to come back to life so he can make this movie IMMEDIATELY.

3. The existence of everyone in this video looks so effortless and free. Can I become all of them and also have all their outfits?!

4. Finally it exists! A combination of the films My Own Private Idaho and The Exorcist. And they said it couldn’t be done.

5. TEGAN. AND. SARA. I shouldn’t have to say more but this video is amazing because the cast are all members of the LGBTQ Community.

6. I also have a list of songs I can’t listen to. SPOILER! They’re all KIDZ BOP because I’m a monster.

7. Basically the best commercial for Uniqlo ever!

8. Another Tegan and Sara video, but they’re REALLY on their video game with their most recent album.

9. Ok I lied, There is some death in this one. But it’s hard to avoid tragedy when watching gay content. At least there’s a BAD ASS Bonnie & Clair style bank robbery.

10. Well, this should have been the music video for Spandau Ballet True.