Practicing Homosexual?

“Practicing Homosexual”?

Who says that?

What bigoted homophobes don’t seem to understand is that I am NOT practicing.

I didn’t audition to be gay.

It’s not like I showed up one day and someone in charge said,

“Sorry, all the straight male asshole parts have been taken. You need to practice being a little faggot.”

Oh and I’m not practicing, which also means I can’t be “cured” either. Being gay isn’t a disease or an affectation.

The most crippling disease on the planet today is that of the ignorant, intolerant, and self-centred mind.

There are no ways to be come a better homosexual, there are only ways to evolve and transform as a better, happier, healthier, ethical, open-minded member of the human race.

In fact, I think anyone who so ignorantly throws around the term, “practicing homosexual” is a someone who needs to spend some time practicing being a better person.

They need to get in touch with themselves. Perhaps they need to touch themselves while forced to watch gay porn. Then, oh only then, will we see what a practicing homosexual really looks like…