Sand At My Feet~

Some days need a friend to say yes you can
 Some days need a friend to say its ok to sit not stand
 Some days need a friend to be there handkerchief in hand
 Some days are tall dark and handsome 
 Some days reflect everything in the world that makes you feel lonesome 
 Some days wake up in such darkness it’s hard to find the door
 Some days jump out of bed only to fall flat on the floor
 Some days are raging fires burning just below the skin
 Some days are guilty desires starving deep within
 Some days are the best of sun raises 
 Some days are like opening a box of pleasant surprises 
 Some days are like listening to the very best of Satchmo 
 Some days are still living with King Cole and Natalie in their family duo
 Some days are emotion filled tears cascading like rain from the sky
 Some days you pray for whatever it takes to save you from the endless dry
 Some days you remember those days wishing they soon return
 Some days are spent eyes closed not wishing to see another heart get burnt 
 Some days need to be awaken from their eternal slumber
 Some days hit you like a piece of lumber
 Some days reflect our many reckless ways 
 Some days reflect our many wasted days
 But all days without you become like waves on the ocean 
 Despite their beautiful appearance at birth 
 they all come crashing to shore leaving nothing but sand at our feet
 Suddenly realizing without you I’m all alone on this earth as I add one more day to my list of defeats. 

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