The Art of Oral Sex.

Most couples think that sex is all about the thrusting and forget the most important part which is oral sex or stimulation of sexual organs.

About 8 out of 10 people (most especially gay couples) admit that they last longer when they pay more attention to the oral part rather than the main part which is when your partner starts penetrating.

The are a variety of ways you can ensure you give your partner the maximum satisfaction whether in bed, on the kitchen table, in the shower or even in the most unimaginable places.

Blowjob is one of them and it’s regarded as an art because of the level of skill it takes to give not just any head, but the best head that’ll get your partner on his knees before you even finish.

Firstly, you have to set the tone by making sure his dick is hard enough for you to put in your mouth.

You can do this by rubbing or gently massaging his semi-hard dick with your hands or by playing with his pubic hair. You can hold the dick in one hand (preferably the left) and use your other free hand to explore other parts of his body i.e. thighs, chest, arms, butt cheeks, etc.

While doing this, make sure you maintain eye contact with your partner because that’s something that turns most guys on. You can also say sweet sexy things to him and remind him of how much you want to fuck him and he’ll be left with no other choice but to crave you more.

At this point, his dick should be firm enough for you to gently stroke it and make sure you increase your pace as you go.

Pay close attention to the changes in his facial expression and body movements because that’ll tell you how fast or slow you should go, but if you’re doing it the right way there’s no need to think twice about it.

While you’re stroking him, pay more attention to the part just below the head of the dick if he’s cut or try pulling the foreskin back if he’s uncut.

Slowly insert your partner’s hard dick into your mouth and do not do this in one go as it’ll ruin the fun and suspense. He’s yours already so you can take as much time as you want with him.

While you’re sliding it in, make sure your lips and tongue does most of the work but you can use your hands to play with his balls or rub his thighs to ‘ease the tension’.

If you’re feeling creative, you can use one hand to firmly grip the base of his dick and softly pull it back so you have the most sensitive parts like the tip at your disposal. That doesn’t mean you should shift your focus from other areas too if you plan on doing a thorough job.

Make sure you take the whole thing in as this is your one and only chance to impress him and let him know you’re good enough to handle him.

If it’s your first time giving head or if you’re not too good at giving deep-throats, take it slow and don’t worry if you think you’re not doing as well as you expected. Trust me, you’re doing great.

One more thing, there’s no such thing as fully mastering the art of sucking dick and even the self-professed pros still have to practice regularly to work on their rusty areas.

You can try practicing with a Popsicle, lollipop or a dildo or anything that gives off that similar feel of sucking a dick. Even when you’re practicing with these, always remind yourself that this is not the real thing and your partner is going to love you regardless of how you ‘shine his rod’.

As you gradually indulge in the art, you’ll begin to realize some incredible skills you didn’t know you had and you’ll only impress your partner more. Now move your head back and forth in a particular rhythm or pattern and make sure you tighten your lips around his length.

Treat the dick like it’s some form of treasure and suck it like your life depended on it. In other words, ‘worship’ the dick.

Suck it like there’s a special potion lying underneath the wrap of skin and the more you suck, the more you get closer to it. Again, direct all your attention, time and energy to the dick.

Try as much as possible not to let your teeth in the way as your partner would only like to feel the delicate parts of you.

Use your left or right hand to firmly hold the base of the dick as you work it with your mouth and you can also try stroking it (moving it back and forth with hands) while it’s in your mouth so he’ll get it both ways.

And while you’re on this, I advise that you focus more on the sucking and licking because he wants to see more of that mouth action that you have in store for him.

Don’t bother if you’re stroking faster than you’re sucking or if you’re sucking faster than you’re stroking; just let your instincts guide you.

Again, ensure you make eye contact because it turns him on the more and you can hold his hands or place your hand on his body if you’re getting exhausted.

While sucking the dick, make sure you get back to the tip every now and then because that’s the most sensitive part and you’re more likely to unleash that ‘monster’ in him when you do that.

Increase the pace at this point because he fully wants you now and his body is already responding to your touch and movements.

While the dick is in your mouth, get freaky with your tongue and just try to be as crazy and creative as possible.

When you’re fully comfortable and certain that you can take it, try taking it in deeper with every thrust but give it time, don’t rush it. Let the tip of his dick meet your throat and let it get acquainted with every part and area of your mouth as you suck and touch and grasp and feel.

Also, let him play with your hair as you move your head back and forth because it only means that you’re officially his territory and he can do whatever he wants with you (as long as it’s sexy, of course).

Don’t stop until you feel the tip of his dick teasing your uvula as this is the only way you can tell if you’re doing it right or not.

Increase your pace to the point that you literally can’t feel your mouth and don’t be ashamed of moaning or making ‘sexy’ sounds in between thrusts. It reveals that raw and intense desire you have towards your partner and it lets him know how badly you want him, this.

Also don’t get too worked up about making those really nasty sounds while the dick is up in your throat because hey, this is reality and not some cheesy erotica novel. If people tell you otherwise, ignore them and tell them that’s exactly how your partner likes it.

One other thing that’s essential in the art of sucking dick is that there’s going to be so much saliva in the process but it only helps to lubricate the dick and increase the pleasure. There’s no such thing as a dry head and don’t be scared of getting messy with your partner either during oral sex or main anal sex.

To make sure you’re gradually taking him to the peak, move your mouth around his dick while it’s in your mouth but make sure you keep it in your mouth most of the time

If you notice you’re beginning to get tired from all the mouth action, take the dick out once in a while and rub it against your tongue or against the tender skin of your face.

Don’t forget to maintain eye contact with him while you’re playing with his dick and make sure you see his eyes roll up into the sockets and his face muscles twitch and tighten up.

The most logical rationale behind the concept of maintaining eye contacts during oral sex is that when the dick is in your mouth, it’s physically impossible (if not daunting and tiresome) to communicate verbally and the only option closest to this is eye contact.

Try as much as possible to not let go of what you’re doing with your hands or tongue and let him know you’re enjoying every bit of him. Stroke his firm and pulsating dick with your hands and you can spit on it to make the gliding easier and smoother in a way that will leave his toes curling at the overwhelming pleasure.

While you’re stroking the dick, make sure your hands are tight around it depending on how big your partner is and the bigger he is the better (no offence to small guys though)

If your partner has a smaller or moderate sized member, don’t make this so obvious even if it is and utilize this by using one hand and your tongue for most of it.

If you’re doing it right, you’re probably closer to getting your partner to his peak but you have to make the most of it otherwise you’ll end up wishing that you did more than you actually did.

Now get it back into your mouth but slide it in as gently as possible and just let your lips close in naturally around it.

At this point, you wouldn’t want to be too fast or too slow and you’re looking for other possible ways you can get both you and your partner to your desired soul crashing and jaw clenching climax.

Work it with your hand and mouth as usual and make sure you maintain a regular pattern but you can increase the pace gradually as you progress into it, depending on what your partner wants, as usual.

Use your free hand to touch yourself and let him know you’re doing this so you’ll get his attention away from the head and you’ll make him last longer without even realizing.

You can also take a break from sucking and focus more on his balls by teasing him by touching, gently sucking, licking, slightly tugging and playing with his balls. Do this more and trust me, your back will be on that bed before you even know it.

Suck as fast as you can at this point and also focus on his scrotum or balls sac while your mouth is doing all the work as he’s getting closer to his climax.

When you get to the tip of the dick, stop for a while and kiss the tip of the dick or wrap your lips tightly around the part just below the head and move it in a rotating manner. As usual, make sure your eyes are fixed on him while you’re doing this and get the dick as deep into your throat as possible.

At this point, he’s definitely preparing to release his long awaited load but don’t stop.

Increase the moaning and the sexy noises to ignite that flame in him and you’ll notice the dick throbbing and pulsating in your mouth.

When he comes, still maintain the regular pace and make sure you drain every single drop of hot fluid from your partner. Trust me, he’ll definitely find this part sexy even if you’re probably messy with all the sweat and dick juice.

Even after you’ve swallowed the last drop of sperm, still continue sucking to the point that his soul becomes yours.

When you’re done ‘worshiping’ the dick, familiarize yourself with all the veins and curves of his dick. Let him know that you can’t get enough of that dick and you’ll have him coming for more mouth watering, sensational and soul crashing mouth action.

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