The Fastest Shoot Ever… with Yuchi P

It was around 9am and I was having breakfast at my hotel when I got the dreaded text from Yuchi P: “sorry, I’m running late.” A few back and forth replies determined the delay to be a whole hour, which started to worry me. My next shoot wasn’t until 4pm, but this was my last day at Corinne Hotel and I needed to check out at 12. If we were only planning an outdoor shoot, I’d pack up and leave my stuff with the front desk, but Yuchi also wanted an indoor shoot.

So I had another coffee and carried on downloading the Gio D shoots from the day before. Then another text came: “traffic is really bad today”. Bugger!

In the end, he arrived at 11:40. Yes, I could have asked for a late check out, but Corinne had been so kind to me that I felt it would be taking advantage to ask. So there was nothing else to do but bang it out. Yuchi came up to my room, I got the camera out and told him to get naked. He had no inhibitions whatsover and got to it.

How did he do? Great actually. How did I do? Less than great. There’s a too many shots without proper focus and a lighting situation that required a bit too much post-production work. So twenty minutes is too fast for me.

The outdoor pics were better, but even then it was less than ideal since the sun was exceptionally bright. Had Yuchi come at 9am, we’d have shot with the sun nice and soft and then gone up to the room for the nudes. But these things happen. It’s why, more than anyone else in the Istanbul issue, I’d like to shoot Yuchi again. And I suppose it gives me an excuse to return to Istanbul, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

See more of Yuchi P and read his story in Elska Magazine issue (06) Istanbul —

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