Tonight, I was Captivated by a Mesmerising Man

Every surprise has a whiff of magic somehow

Emotion washes over me like waves lapping at my skin on a beach.

Tonight, my gaze landed on a beautiful soul.

The sun was setting as I paced toward a networking event.

I grimaced in exhaustion as the auditorium neared.

A sigh echoed in my throat, and I put my things down.

Smiling gently, my mind wandered as I milled through the conversations.

We sipped Pinot Noir from plastic cups and munched on slices of pizza.

A joie de vivre was somehow missing in that first presentation.

I was far away, and then he stood up from the row behind me.

Curly hair the colour of the midnight sky,

A simple leather thread adorning his corded neck,

Clad in black from head to ankle,

With skin the colour of dark caramel.

Shining eyes that danced lightly as he travelled

To times of happy memories, brimming with excitement.

Experiences that nourished his worldview, which soared

At the prospect of living beyond just money.

He walked quietly to the podium, his footsteps carefully measured

He wore fashionable dark-grey boots which marched gracefully

Alongside the manner in which he carried himself.

His presentation was titled ‘Chonny’, and he explained cheerfully

That his niece’s son couldn’t say ‘Johnny’, and giggled softly.

My heart fluttered in my chest, yearning to jump for joy

“Keep calm and be patient,” I recall whispering to myself.

He spoke confidently, with passion and candour.

He laughed with his mesmerised audience as he told the tale

Of what he’d learned in New York and the Philippines.

Long after the presentations were done, I walked toward him,

Longing to introduce myself and look up into that handsome face.

Beauty both inside and out — what a refreshing change.

“You know nothing about him!” my conscience blared in my ears.

I’d found the courage to approach him, I really had

My belly flip-flopped, but I fought the impulse to run and hide.

His forearms beckoned, crying out to be touched,

His manner open, self-assured without being cocky — such a tantalising mix!

A friend intercepted me enroute to introduce me to somebody else.

I chattered on autopilot, trying to identify a way out.

Out of the corner of my eye, he put on his coat.

He left, and my heart sank into my chest.

Oh Tau! You smiled back at me so fleetingly — I hope you noticed me nodding,

You ensnared me with the conviction with which you greet each day, willing

The world a better place for persevering so diligently with such consistency.

I hope I can find you again someday, and have the courage that you

Bared to all of us this evening, to reject business-as-usual and

To follow our aspirations to channel our energies into devising

A more equitable world for the many, and not the few.

Penned by starlight on August 30, 2017.

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