What’s it like, dating on an island?

There’s a question I get asked a lot! Living on beautiful, sunny, LGBTIQ-friendly Malta has its privileges, but what’s it like when it comes to meeting other gay (or bi or pan) guys?

Floriana Crossing

Well, luckily for you, I’m going to answer that question!

Being such a European hub, and Valletta being the Capital of Culture 2018, Malta attracts a lot of foreigners, both workers and holidayers, so you get quite the variety, you can date locals, or you can date foreigners.

Starting off with the obvious — if you choose to go for the foreigners, you’re going to get guys that move around a lot for work, or guys that are on holiday for a few days and then leave, so you kind of can’t look at anything long-term with these guys, most of the time. You can get to meet some really good-looking guys, though.

If you want something more long-term, though, you turn to locals, and this is where it gets goooood! See, I wasn’t exaggerating earlier when I said you can meet some incredibly good-looking guys, earlier. I’ve met and hooked up with foreigners who look like they just stepped off a model’s spread on a magazine, or CW’s latest TV show!

But let’s say, this time on Grindr, you message a LOCAL! Let’s say you see someone who’s kind of cute, and you think — yeah I’ll message him! And then you see his photo — cute, you also see his stats and think “Hmm… but he’s somewhat shorter/(insert something else)er than I’d like”.

Personally, that’s when my inner subconscious wisely and gently informs me “Don’t be so fucking picky, you’re trying to look past a first date here” — and I’ll think yeah, I’ll trust that judgment.

So I’ll message him. And guess what? No response. I’m not good enough for him! Wow. How will I ever recover from this?

It might sound like I’m making a big deal out of one instance — but this is a situation which happens continuously. I barely get any response from locals, and the ones which message me are usually much older than me or unattractive (to me).

So to bring the initial question full circle;

“Dating in Malta means you either go out with foreigners that are attractive to you, and enjoy hookups for the rest of your life, or try and go for moderately attractive locals, and not even be given the time of day!”