You Are Not Alone

National Coming Out Day 2016 ~

You are beautiful. 
You deserve to live a beautiful life. 
You make this world a better and more beautiful place.
We need you.

You are our children, sisters, brothers, neighbors.
You are our leaders, reporters, talent, writers, teachers.
You are our future.
Please don’t hide anymore.
It is OK to come out. 
It is OK to be proud of who you are. 
It is OK to be yourself. 
The truest version of yourself.

Not everyone will love you.
Not everyone will like that you are gay.
And that is OK.
Those people were not meant to be in your life.
Just walk away.
You do not need to be afraid.

Don’t let them make you hide anymore.
Don’t let them take away your identity.
Come out, live out, live your life your way.
And know that if you need a hand
Wherever you are
There are people who will love you and support you.
There are people who will lift you up when you feel down.
You are important.
You are beautiful.
You are deserving.
You are good.
You are love.

Happy National Coming Out Day.
I am proud of you.
A. ~

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