Business Trip in Taiwan, Day 3: g0v summit 2016 Day 2

15th May 2016 (Sun.)

Day 3 in Taiwan. g0v Summit 2016 was closed today. I got a lot of inspirations. And I learned that many civic hackers is working seriously for their city and country.

Especially, Keynote speech by Clay Shirky was so excellent. The message was “Like a open source software, if everyone can work to improve social system and government can accept the improvement, our society will be better.” We should learn many things from history of internet and open source software. And I really felt we should tell that to non-techie people.

And, new staffs of my company tried a great challenge. They gave a lighting talk about our web service called RALLY in front of 750 participants. I was so surprised. Actually I didn’t know the challenge… The presentation needed many improvement, but the action was really great. I want them to challenge many chance.

Thank you for the great conference. See you again in g0v Summit 2018.

台湾三日目。沢山のインスピレーションをくれたg0v Summit 2016も今日で終了。多くのシビックハッカーが自分たちが住む街や国のために、世界と対話しながら真剣に取り組んでいることを知ることができました。



本当に素晴らしいカンファレンスをありがとうございました。次はg0v Summit 2018で会いましょう。

g0v Summit 2016 Day 2

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