Is Facebook Good for the World?

Facebook, a real-life stalker?

Facebook has been a game changer in social media industry since Mark Zuckerberg first put out it in 2004. However, its unprecedented influence makes me feel terrified, and there are my three main concerns that why Facebook is not good for the world. First of all, Facebook is now basically everywhere in our daily life. It connects to websites we visit, advertisements we see, and people we may know. I feel that Facebook is like a stalker in my life, and it can expose everything about my personal life to the public. With all kinds of access, Facebook almost takes control most of our lives. Secondly, we tend to rely on checking Facebook several times a day, and it has become a bad habit that affects our routine. Since we started using Facebook, checking the latest posts has been a must-do task every day. What’s worse, it is easier now for us to log in to Facebook by using application on mobile devices instead of turning on computers. A research shows that 40 percent of people spends over three hours on Facebook per day, and this is definitely a warning for us wasting too much time on it. Last, more and more people rather focus on online relationships than interacting with “real people” in reality. Imagine that how many people are busy with their smartphones on the street when you pass by them? I think that the answer is obviously ironic. Facebook is one of these distractions which drag people from real face-to-face interactions, and this problem is getting more serious in following years. All in all, we should all be aware of the potential issues which Facebook has caused in recent years and start to come up with useful solutions to keep things from getting worse.

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