After Yale, Janet Kraus sold kitchen knives door-to-door.

$50K in 3 months. Then she went to Stanford, founded Circles, taught at HBS, and started Peach with a bra and a mission.

Janet Kraus grew up in a household with two people living as “their best selves,” realizing their potential and doing what they loved. She’s spent the better part of her time since leaving home trying to figure out what that means for her, through a remarkable set of experiences as a student, entrepreneur, and professor at the very top of those professions.

After working for her hero Anita Roddick at The Body Shop, Janet founded Circles with a friend from Stanford Business School. She led Circles as its CEO for ten years, building it into a 1,000-person company before leaving to start another business, and a family. After a personal invitation from friend, mentor, and living legend Bill Sahlman, she joined the faculty of the Harvard Business School, where she stayed until coming across what just might be a chance to become that best self… as the co-founder and CEO of Peach, a clothing and apparel maker empowering women to “elevate their everyday” as both buyers and sellers of products that fit and wear beautifully.

It all began much more humbly, though, through an experience we actually shared, selling kitchen knives, door-to-door…

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