Actifio CEO Ash Ashutosh with my guest this week, G20 Member and North Bridge Venture Partners Partner Jeff McCarthy

Choosing a VC is like choosing a spouse.

How do you make sure to choose the right one?

My guest the week is venture capitalist and charter G20 Member Jeff McCarthy. Jeff’s a Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners, focused mainly on materials. He played leadership roles at two early, successful companies within the North Bridge portfolio, Cadia Networks and New Oak Communications, where he was the CEO until that company was acquired by Nortel. Before joining New Oak, Jeff was Vice President of sales and business development at Cadia Networks, a developer of ATM concentrator products for the service provider marketplace, and held senior management positions at Wellfleet Communications, including Vice President of Carrier and Channel Operations. Jeff is a proud and active graduate of the Northeastern University School of Management, and serves as an advisor and lecturer at the University today.

In this week’s second segment Jeff and I will focus on a problem that seems like a great one until you have it, which is how to pick the right VC partner when you have more than one to choose from. Jeff will share thoughts on the importance of chemistry and vertical expertise, respond to my question about what’s different for female entrepreneurs, and compare funds specialized in individual stages of the venture journey with those that invest throughout it.

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