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Dan Cnossen… Navy SEAL, Gold Medal Paralympian, Harvard grad, Electives Instructor. He’ll teach your people about mental toughness and perseverance. It’s an experience they’ll never forget.

Electives: Why We Invested

Helping employees grow isn’t just good practice anymore. It’s what it takes to get, keep, and create the best people.

One night at MIT’s Sloan School…

Jason Lavender and Krikor Dzeronian attended a guest lecture by a mountaineer who’d climbed Everest six times. They were captivated by his vivid explanation of how teamwork could be the difference between life and death, and — having experienced more conventional “team-building” programs — couldn’t help but notice that inspiring people with personal stories was a much better way to teach than boring them with PowerPoint.

Electives had its first customer before it even existed.

I’ve been doing this a while now, and it’s the first time I’ve seen that.

  • Bathrooms and Beyond! — A class to help those in the cis-gendered, heteronormative majority really understand the conversation about gender and public space. It’s taught by Alex Myers, a novelist and English teacher at Phillips Exeter Academy who came out as transgender in 1995, and has since worked with schools to help them support transgender students and become more gender inclusive.
  • Resilience in a Global Pandemic — A class that shares strategies for developing well-being following adversity, like that we’ve all experienced during COVID. It’s taught by Catherine Sanderson, the Poler Family Professor and Chair of Psychology at Amherst College, a physician with doctoral degrees from Stanford and Princeton and grant funding from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health.
  • Giving Effective Feedback — This class helps managers understand why both positive and negative feedback are vital to their own and their colleagues’ development, teaching a simple structure for providing it. It’s taught by Deborah Grayson Riegel, who teaches leadership communication for Wharton and Columbia Business School. She’s also a regular contributor for HBR, Psychology Today, Forbes, and Fast Company, and the author of “Overcoming Overthinking: 36 Ways to Tame Anxiety for Work, School, and Life.”
  • Leaving Room for Magic— A class about boosting creativity through a collaboration and development process that helps you find play within your process. It’s taught by Syndee Winters, who made her Broadway debut as future-queen ‘Nala’ in Disney’s The Lion King, and whose other Broadway credits include Motown the Musical, Pippin, and “working it” as all three Schuyler Sisters in the smash hit Hamilton.



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