Emissary Founder David Hammer

Emissary: Why We Invested

Because We All Have Blind Spots

Almost all enterprise tech start-ups struggle mightily with the cost of sales. Yes, most will say they are building a “repeatable model” to which they can “add water” and grow predictably. The reality is that it’s very difficult to know where you stand with customers, especially big ones, at any given time in the sales cycle. This problem gets even worse at the end of the quarter as procurement takes over and it feels like some black magic is needed to get over the line.

A trusted champion helps, and a basic understanding of the buying criteria and process are a must, but the reality is that there are always “blind spots” in the sales process: a hidden influencer or decision-maker; additional strategic or tactical considerations; new requirements not identified, unpredictable procurement practices, you name it. And these issues have a way of appearing only after it’s too late.

The aggregate effect of these blind spots, especially when they occur on a large, important sale, is missed quarters and disappointed employees and investors.

Our View: What Emissary Does

Emissary was founded by David Hammer to eliminate these blind spots by providing human intelligence along the enterprise sales journey. Like the flashing light on a rearview mirror that signals danger as another car sits in the blind spot, Emissary can help identify, alert and address the hidden challenges facing an enterprise sales person.

David is uniquely positioned to tackle this problem. As a very early product manager at Google, he fully understands the power of data. And he has seen the evolution of sales and marketing platforms that provide predictive support for directing sales people towards opportunities. But he also witnessed at Google the limitations of data; the times when data was not enough to win. Those were the situations where human intelligence was lacking — where blind spots allowed a competitor to beat even Google. David set out to mine the last frontier of information, which is sitting in our brains. To eliminate the blind spots that enterprise sales people constantly face.

How Does it Scale?

The Emissary community is made up of thousands of people who have recently worked in F1000 companies and have raised their hands to say that they can help guide others through the sales process at their former company. Emissary has addressed the potential ethical issues with strict guidelines, and helps facilitate efficient and effective communication between Emissary and client. The ideal opportunity is one that has moved to the needs assessment stage. Emissary can help accelerate the process from there through the closing and contract stages.

The best way to get started is to reach out to Emissary. They will work with you to look at your pipeline and identify the right opportunities where their service will make a big impact. The monthly cost per opportunity is small compared to the value of the improvement in conversion, sales efficiency and predictability.

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