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Fetcher: Why We Invested

New technology applied to a big problem by a great team.

Mike Troiano
Mar 18 · 5 min read

A Big Problem: Candidate Sourcing

Every company in our portfolio and every company we talk to is desperately searching for great people.

Even in the context of our current employment crisis, skilled people in engineering, sales, marketing, customer success and operations have never been more in demand, or — it seems — in shorter supply.

Fetcher solves that problem using AI, scalable processes, and smart people to automate repetitive, top-of-funnel recruiting tasks so clients can focus more on candidate engagement & team collaboration.

Fetcher brings the right candidates to you by combining AI with a human touch. It uses great customer service to feed powerful underlying technology, learning not only the candidate attributes that predict job success but establishing a feedback loop with its customers to learn what each recruiter really wants for a given role at a given company. This two-sided approach makes Fetcher special, and — as they deepen their understanding of company preferences by role, level, job function, and geography — it makes them smarter about what other recruiters will be looking for, better at finding those needles in the LinkedIn haystack and elsewhere.

The Power of A Road-Hardened Band

Bruce Springsteen, explaining why the E Street Band was so legendary, once said they’d played for years in no-name clubs all over the country before they ever became a national sensation, and that — when they finally did hit the big stage —they’d hardened into the “heart-stopping, pants-dropping, hard-rocking, booty-shaking, love-making, earth-quaking, Viagra-taking” rock and roll band loved by fans around the world.

Andres Blank, Fetcher Co-Founder & CEO

Talking with them, it struck me how much they believed in what they were doing.

These folks were stars… people with plenty of professional options, smart and experienced enough not to hang on too long to something that wasn’t working. Their level of commitment was just striking to me, and remained so as we took a closer look.

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