Meet Mike Troiano, Venture Capitalist

Asking Mike to join G20 was the easiest decision we’ve made in the last 14 years. Here’s why…

Bill and I are delighted to announce that Mike Troiano is joining G20 Ventures as an investing partner. Many people already know Mike as a mentor to start ups and a marketing guru. We wanted to share a few thoughts about Mike as a way of explaining why asking him to join G20 Ventures was one of the easiest decisions we’ve made together over the last 14 years.

Strong VC partnerships, like good start-up teams, are built on respect, trust and fun. To be effective as a team, partners must invite healthy confrontation and skeptical banter from each other — the kind of debate that results in deeper thinking, personal growth and a higher group IQ.

Mike is an original thinker. He brings unique ideas to every situation, and forces us to think outside the box. We’ve watched him bring ideas to, and challenge each of our portfolio companies over the past 4 years as a Member of the G20. In every case, our companies want more Mike, not less.

Mike puts other people first. It’s striking how fast he can get in your shoes, see the challenges you’ve been wrestling with for days, and help to create solutions, or better yet, redefine the challenge in a way that makes it appear less daunting. At the end of the process, he wants to help and encourage our teams to succeed.

Mike is a great communicator, and a gifted writer. Check out his podcast, How Hard Can it Be and his medium blog, Mike’s writing reflects the strength of his thinking — clear, concise and thoughtful. Mike has broad reach across the tech community and is generous about sharing his voice to help others.

Mike has an edge, it’s not a cutting edge exactly (sorry Mike, you’re over- educated), but he’s comfortable with entrepreneurs — respects and appreciates them. And like them, he’s not afraid to put himself out there.

We’re truly looking forward to all the ways Mike will challenge us and our companies. We just hope we can do the same for him.

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