Meet Nanigans CEO Ric Calvillo

Lessons learned at the top of the Startup journey, and the bottom.

This week I spent some time with Nanigans Co-founder & CEO Ric Calvillo. Nanigans is a maker of the advertising automation software that powers much of the marketing you see on Facebook, for brands like SeatGeek, RueLaLa, Wayfair, Zynga, and over 150 others who rely on digital media to find new customers.

Before Nanigans Ric led three significant technology companies here including Conley Corporation, which was acquired by EMC in 1998 for an estimated $50 Million, and Incipient, which shut down in 2008 after raising over $92 Million in venture capital.

Suffice to say Ric knows the ups and the downs of business building better than most, and I asked him about what he’s learned along the way, after we talked about how he got his start. We ended with his thoughts on what most major advertisers are getting wrong on Facebook these days, I think you’ll really like it.

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