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Napster: Why We Invested

Both for what NFTs are changing, and for how people aren’t.

G20 Ventures is going all in on Web3, starting now.

How We Got Here

Brockton’s own Shawn Fanning, on a “magazine.” It was a big deal.
Source: Digital Music News, updated 2021

How Non-Fungible Tokens Are Changing Everything

  • Streaming directly to fans on services like Audius
  • Offering ownership of songs on services like Catalog
  • Letting fans co-invest in song royalties on services like Royal
  • Creating music together with fans on services like SoundMint
  • Making special editions available on services like RELICS
  • Selling collectibles and digital merch on services like RCRDSHP

Napster’s unique combination of brand assets, streaming experience, exhaustive music catalog, artist goodwill, and contracts with every major music label — all now backed by Algorand’s blockchain expertise and a deep pool of capital from savvy Web3 investors at just the right moment — give it the potential to be that business.

What Hasn’t Changed At All

What Else Is Changing



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