Sucks being on the outside. How should we decide who gets in? Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash.

RippleMatch: Why We Invested

People are more than their surface credentials, particularly before they’ve had time to collect them.

Mike Troiano
Sep 5, 2019 · 5 min read

The Dark Side of Knowing Someone

Think about how much is wrong with this picture… not only for Kate, but for people trying to hire people like Kate. They won’t really have great insight into whether she’s a fit for what they need, and will bear the added risk of not knowing anyone who knows her. They’ll read the tea leaves of her bullshit school jobs, often more indicative of her parental support than her real world experience and aptitudes, and take the plunge on a big investment of money, time, and lost productivity to get her up to speed.

This isn’t just about encouraging diversity, though that is a noble aim. It’s about restoring meritocracy, which for a couple centuries was at the core of the American idea.

There are many reasons places like the UK, Denmark, and Canada now offer more economic mobility than the so-called “Land of Opportunity.” But this is almost certainly one of them.

Meet RippleMatch

What if you could turn the entry level recruiting process from a Tinder-like competition of surface credentials into an eHarmony-like matching of what a particular company is looking for, and what a specific student brings to the table? That’s what RippleMatch does.

The RippleMatch team.

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