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The Überleben Hexå, of which I am now a proud owner.

SelfMade: Why We Invested

The age of the Micropreneur is upon us. And they all need marketing help.

Mike Troiano
Jun 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Growth = Product + Story + Marketing

The entrepreneurs collectively behind this market explosion want to grow their businesses individually, but most lack the marketing expertise required to make it happen. They’re product people. The good ones are natural storytellers, as the initial push of these brands is powered by the combination of a product people love and a story that helps explain why. But as their businesses begin to scale, the demands of their marketing become more esoteric. What posting frequency delivers the best engagement? How do I create high quality photos at scale, and leverage my audience to do it? What’s the mix of product and lifestyle imagery that gets the most people into my storefront, and how do I evaluate the relative yield of investments in social features, paid media, and e-commerce platforms to make the best decisions about where to spend my precious capital?

Meet SelfMade

SelfMade is that partner. After pivoting from a business focused on automating the production of high quality imagery on Instagram, the company is laser-focused on giving product-focused e-commerce entrepreneurs just what they need — no more, and no less — to keep their business growing online.

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