22–23–24th March 2017

Workshops & G3iD forum

G4 Living Lab, March 2017 : Speakers / Topics

Ecosystemic synergies between people, perspectives & projects unleashing human, organisational & societal potentials

Wednesday 22/3

  • Raymond Morel & Philip Koenig: G4 Global framework & value proposition prototype
  • Scott Williams, integrative tools & methods: Resilience io, Roadmap 2030
  • Antonio Hautle, UN Global Compact, Switzerland Network, 21st c. Business, UN building
  • Ralph Thurm & Bill Baue Reporting 3.0 , 21st c. Accounting
  • Remy Lamon, IB trainer, Florimont, 21st c Education — learning to learn, first nations, …
  • François Maréchal, Luc Girardin, EPFL, Geneva Energy Autonomy, societal project GE,EU
  • René Longet, SIG Lab, Author Planète, Sauvetage en cours, le développement durable
  • Raymond Morel, IFIP, Digital Equity, from data to Knowledge & Wisdom Societies
  • Paul Bristow, Pangloss labs, Architecture of Geneva Labs, people & potentials

G4 Living Lab, proposed topics — facilitators — Scott, Luc, Alan, Raymond, Philip :

G4 : building up our societal human centric value proposition
  • human side: Education 21 ; 2nd tier actors spiral dynamics — human evolution: individual, collective, organisational, civilization; 21st HR — detect, unleash and nourish high empathy, capability to act for common greater good and in complex ecosystems
  • system side: Roadmap 2030 in the Greater Geneva Context
  • organisational side: Living Labs architecture in city regions; co-creating, populating and connecting Labs of Labs in GE and UN
  • Investment side: holistic perspectives including banks, bonds, subsidies, corporations…
  • project side: EPFL Energy project, UN building

Thursday 23/3

  • Patrick Genoud, state of Geneva, GeneveLab ; Living Labs history w/ Raymond Morel
  • Adrian Aeschliman, Green Economy, BFU Bern, Go for Impact
  • Françoise Peckstadt & Henri Cnops, Neurocognitivism, ANC programs, neurocoaching
  • Alan Dean Burning2learn; Roles & contributions of teenagers to SDGs societal transitions
  • Florence Coulin, Epigenetics, ATP Consulting
  • Finalizing meshwork to produce a G4 Living Labs synthesis document

Friday 24/3 — G3iD.org

We hold a G4 & Resilience.io stand at the UNOG backed www.g3id.org event , co-organised by Pangloss Labs, Paul Bristow. Many stands are personally and organizationally connected to G4; they an integral part of our G4 ecosystem, either strategically and/or operationally.

We thank you all dearly for your enthusiasm and energy to contribute to the foundations of this G4 societal Global Goals project for the Greater Geneva and all world pioneer lighthouse city/regions.