G4 is about evolving Mindsets

Introduction — strategy vision

Why ?

End of value proposition and life cycles 2012, people — 80 % , planet 1,6 – 3,3; profits -20 -7 %; trickle down real economy inequity everywhere externalities — chomage vs employment who pays.

Who ?

Peace only 17 countries out of conflict. BE, CND, CH, S, N, D, ISL, …; partnerships public-private silos; SDG: 17 Global goals re-empower via civil society , initiators, innovators and early adopters prosperity — a bottom up approach — not yet a societal, 21st c governance exercise …

What ?

Education21 at all ages — continuous learning and improvement via human centric, epigenetics, neurosciences, neurocognitivism integrate sciences21, wisdom great tradition, knowledge first nations technology is cheap, water food and energy at marginal cost zero — Stiglitz, Rifkin get fear / distress
out of the human and social system = unleash human organisational and societal potentials re-balance in city regions — CH and GE to be a Lighthouse, with others on each continent — via reslience.io, mobilize driving forces investors: private banks, Geneva based banks, CIFA, via networks
International GVA: for accelerated execution of Global Goals — WEF, WBCSD, Foundation, EcoleInt, UNO, EFPL operational projects: education and
Health21; energy, water, food…

How ?

Our approach systemic societal, architecture of Labs in public and private orgs, right people right orgs / culture in front of VUCA and innovation; differentiate people by passion and natural strength and will for design, develop execute.

Roadmap for delivering the Global Goals in the world’s urban settlements


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