Message & 1st publication from Phil

Dear G4 team, partners and friends,

It is a great pleasure to share with you our first edition of “LIGHTHOUSE”, our G4 newsletter.

A great big hug and thanks to Alan, who worked 3 hard weeks on it. It has been more than crazy at times; thanks for hanging in there ;)
A very special thanks to Raymond who believed since day 0, shared his tremendous network and connections, mentored me and us all throughout the G4 birth process.

LIGHTHOUSE will enable us to share our G4 insights, values and visions and G4 living labs outcomes with various partners, as we progress and accompany stakeholders on our societal transformational 2030 journeys:

  • local, International Greater Geneva public & private sector operational organisations and their corresponding Living Labs
  • Schools of all ages
  • Investors
  • UN Global Compact Networks, in Switzerland and your respective countries
  • Swiss and international strategic partners to ensure a disruptive systemic transdisciplinary human dynamic approach
  • other Lighthouse city/regions, their Lab of Labs
  • UN SDG Lab

It’s content will be rich from us, our experiences and insights, our vision and foresight, our backbone projects, our common will to anticipate the 21st c. , by seeding today the DNA of a bright thriving regenerative future. Thanks to your contributions and passion embodied during the 1st G4 Living Lab, we have now set the stage to bring G4 and LIGHTOUSE to life.

It also announces our next societal G4 activities and proposals to accompany people, organisations and city/regions on their 2030 Roadmap journey to reach Global Goals and NDCs. We propose to cocreate a Greater Geneva context based 2030 Roadmap by end of September 2017, for the 2nd anniversary of the SDGs launch.

It sets the stage and shares tools to open up our hearts and minds, to foster consciously a new new mindset, via schools of all ages, and all types of employers. Epigenetics, neurosciences, neurocognivism coaches and consultants are our key operational levers to unleash human potentials, and allow anyone to reach his full potential.

May our G4 societal systemic approach and proposals, allow us to then unleash organisational and societal potentials, and become all together regenerative for people, planet, profit, partnerships, peace and prosperity.

May finance & business become the sought force of good, to spearhead the needed breakthroughs, one after the other as we tend to all operate societally at the 3.0 typology, as defined in

The journey is on. Have a blessed and bright week, Warmest regards, Phil

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