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Jul 8, 2019 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce a recent launch of our Grand 50 (G50) Masternode Hosting Platform on July 10th! We are still putting some finishing touches and delighted to share with you some of the great benefits you can get by creating your Masternodes on our Ecosystem with the Top Performing coins in the current crypto market, like DASH, PIVX, ZCoin and many more.

G50 is a blockchain-based platform developed to make your masternode deployment super simple, highly secure and exceptionally rewarding.

We offer advisory and Proof of Stake (POS) services for novice and competent investors in the field of cryptocurrency, that you do not need to search for hosting, understand Linux, pay for utilities, or troubleshoot a numerous problems that can occur. G50 platform offers you all-in-one solution customized for all your needs. Benefit fully by using all the cutting-edge solutions of our platform, which are:

· G50 Wallet comprised of the 50 Best Performing cryptocurrencies, which enable you to manage, control, check and transfer your rewards and enjoy the solution’s benefits more conveniently.

· G50 Masternode Setup Service offer you the simplest, fastest, and safest way to activate and maintain your masternodes, which is operated in just less than a minute. Deploying a masternode has never been this quick and easy!

· G50 Marketplace, integral part of a growing G50 ecosystem as a payment solution for buying and selling goods and services received in everyday life.

One more absolutely prominent feature of G50 platform is its being “Diverse”. By offering a wide selection of high-valued cryptocurrencies with huge potential, we are proud to share that G50 ecosystem offers you a shared and instant masternodes deployment meeting each of our individual or group of investors specialty needs.

We aim to be successfully listed on more than 20 exchanges by the month of September this year, and we are planning to work with developers and companies that plan to list their cryptocurrencies on our ecosystem.

For more information, check out our official online channels.

G50 Masternode Hosting Website at

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G50 Coin

G50 Coin

Rewarding Masternodes Hosting with G50

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