Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio on the Italian Presidency of the G& during a social media live Q&A.

Highlights from the G7 Summit in Italy

At the center of the talks the most pressing current geopolitical issues from human mobility, health, food security and nutrition, innovation, skills and labor.

The G7 Summit was a success. Leaders gathered in Taormina, Italy on May 26–27 agreed on many issues crucial for the growth of the economy worldwide and international stability and security.

The leaders approved an ambitious declaration touching upon the most pressing current geopolitical issues from human mobility, health, food security and nutrition, innovation, skills and labor.

The final joint statement addresses the crisis and conflicts that are affecting international security. It shows unity of purpose and a strong determination in tackling terrorism, the civil war in Syria, the instability in Libya and the challenges posed by the regime in Pyongyang in North Korea. The G7 leaders reaffirmed their united approach on the situation in Ukraine and called upon the parties involved to implement the Minsk agreement.

The G7 Summit took a very bold stance on terrorism, in the aftermath of the murderous attacks in Manchester and in Egypt.

In a joint declaration issued on the first day of the Summit, leaders pledged their steadfast commitment to fight against terrorism and, among other things, called on internet service providers to do their part in stemming the use of the internet by terrorists to spread their vicious ideology.

The Italian Presidency of the G7 put migration and Africa at the core of the discussion. The G7 decided to work together to tackle the issue of human mobility from a short and long term point of view, addressing not just the emergency requirements but also the root causes of migrations by working with the countries of origin and transit.

The Italian Presidency put Africa at the core of the discussion. A continent which is pivotal to our future. Africa’s security, stability and sustainable development are a high priority for G7 nations. The President of the United States showed keen interest in the discussion with Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Tunisia, UN, and international organizations.

Trade and climate change were also part of the very substantive issues discussed in Taormina. On trade, leaders agreed to address unfair trade practices, and acknowledged that free, fair and mutually beneficial trade and investment while creating reciprocal benefits are key engines for growth and job creation.

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