Beer Traveler Deliverables

This week, UXDI teamed up with the Web Development Immersive class to design an app called Beer Traveler. Beer Traveler is an app for all levels of beer enjoyers to track what beers they’d like to try, find recommendations, and locate beers near them.

Here’s a snapshot of our wireframe for the search screen. From this screen, you can view results of your search, click each beer to learn more, and add beers to your “To Taste” or “Tasted” list. For beer enjoyers who may not know what ABV and IBU is, they can also click to learn what each of those terms mean.

The next snapshot is one of our mocks up of the same screen. Same features, but with our color palette and image placeholders for when the beer image is not available.

In our finished product the bar at the top would display a descriptive header for each page, a back button, and a home button. The styling of the text would follow our style guide which features the fonts Economica and Raleway.

Beer Traveler is designed to be an easy to navigate and fun to use app for all levels of beer drinkers so you can travel the world of beers with just a few taps of your phone.