*Crafting* User Stories for Personal and Professional Passions

I love puns, so beer with me on the ones to follow. We’ve approached our third project in class and this is the first one that we’re collaborating on with the web development program. I was thrilled when they shared that the app we’d be working on together would be for discovering and cataloging craft beer (a personal passion of mine).

At the beginning of the project, there was a lot of buzz around which direction the app could go. In order to filter all our ideas down to the mvp (minimum viable product), we’re looking now to user stories. User stories help guide and focus the direction of a project by creating a short narrative about the wants and needs of the user.

Here are three user stories for our craft beer app:

  1. As a local brewery supporter, I want to find the local breweries wherever I am so I can support local businesses at home and when I travel.
  2. As a beer connoisseur, I want to discover beers from unfamiliar breweries so I can expand my beer knowledge and impress my friends.
  3. As someone who knows what they like, I want to be able to search for other beers that are similar to my favorites so I do not end up ordering something I do not like.

Along with the excitement of the craft beer app, another project that has been brewing is my personal portfolio.

Here are three user stories for my portfolio.

  1. As a hiring manager, I want to see examples of the candidate’s experience and artifacts of their design process so I can decide if they’re a good fit for our team.
  2. As someone who was referred to your portfolio, I want to find your contact information so I can reach out to you to set up a coffee meeting.
  3. As a professional acquaintance in a different field, I want to see a visual representation of what this new person does and what they’re capable of doing so I can explore ways that we can work together or connect them to other people in my network.

Each of the users has different needs that all will help me craft the design of my portfolio.

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